Earbud Case by Cord-On

Store & protect your earbuds


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You've found it ... the answer to tangled earphone cords.

Earbud Case - the Earphone Holder by Cord-On

We all know the frustration of broken earbud wires and tangled cords. The time wasted sorting out earphone cords, when you just want to get on with listening to your sounds. The Earphone Holder by Cord-On will manage earphone cords and protect in-ear buds and also the plug. Our compact design features a large winding hub to wrap the cord around quickly and unwinds in seconds, ready to use. Tidy, safe and fast to unwrap, this unique cable organizer will store and protect your in-ear headphones, keeping them clean and ready for use. Made from high quality, auto industry grade Santoprene, making this earbud case flexible, strong, lightweight and soft. Ideal for your desk, purse or gym bag. With the huge color range, it's an ideal gift for family and friends - What's their favorite colors?